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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Pressure Cooker Discount Sale!

N-Dura Pressure Cooker

Online Shopping India - Now Get upto 50% offer on the n-dura presssure cooker.

Want to Buy Pressure Cooker???
Before Buying make sure that which model pressure cooker, which brand pressure cooker is best for you.
Also think about your budget.Search for good pressure cooker at best and discount price.Always think once before making investment.

So, Read this post before you buy pressure cooker!!!

Pressure cooker is the smallest way to cook our food quickly. It saves our time.

For the first time in India magnuscadeaux offering lot of discount on N-Dura presssure cooker.The price and the specification is listed below.

     LITER                 MRP               DISCOUNT IN %           DISCOUNT PRICE

         3L                      845                      485                                       43%
         5L                     1145                     630                                       55%
         7.5L                  1345                     815                                       40%
         10L                   1445                     860                                       40%
         12L                   1545                     935                                       40%

N-dura is one of the best brand in india. Magnuscadeaux has variety of N-Dura brand products. The specification for the N-dura pressure cooker is given below.

  • Brand name is N-dura
  • Outer lid type
  • It has Induction Bottom. So you can use this cooker on induction stove tops.
  • Ndura pressure cooker is made up of Aluminium material.
  • We have a stock of 3L,5L,7.5L,12L and 10L Pressure cooker capacity.
  • Warranty is given by N-dura brand. It covers manufacture defect warrenty.
So, why still Waiting. Shop now at online shopping India site. DONT MISS THIS DISCOUNT CHANCE!!!

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