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Friday, 29 January 2016

6 Unique Corporate Gifts That you will Love

6 unique corporate gifts are listed below.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with 7 Emergency tools

This is wonderful tool to have in your car in case of emergencies.
7 tools built-in are : Seat belt cutter, scissors, Saw, Knife, Emergency Lamp, Digital Pressure Gauge, Bottle and Can opener, (+) and  (-) screwdriver

Multi Mobile Band 

This is amazing low price product can be used as multipurpose removable pocket. It is available i 5 colours – Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green
It is not only used as mobile band but also used as cash, cards, and slips holder. It protects your screen from all the sides. No gum, No sticking, can be removed at any time.

Dual USB Wall and Car Charger

Two devices can be charged at the same time.  It is AC/DC charger which provides circuit level protection for your device.  It has retractable charging pins and plug for car. Unique design and compact model makes it Best product. You can charge your car, mobile with one device.

8 in 1 Folding Tool Kit with 7 LED Torch

You can use 7 tools with small heads as well as big heads for various uses. It provides functionality of 7 screws drives in 1 kit. It has bright LED torch to work in dark areas.

Large Clock with Photo Frame

This product has extra large clock display with photo frame of size 2.5”x3.5” in it. Classic evergreen design with branding area.

Folding Paper Cube with Memo pad and Tumbler

This is an Eco friendly product. This product has inbuilt tumbler to store your stationery. It contains multi color memo stripes with writing pads. It can be folded to save space. It has large branding space.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

3 Unique Coffee Mugs

Cookie Holder Mug               

Cookie Holder Mug

Enjoy your drinks with Cookie

Looking for unique coffee mug to gift? 
This cookie holder mug has a special compartment for storing cookies, snacks, biscuits or other snacks. It is a best and perfect gift for those who enjoys their sweets with a beverage.

Self Stirring Mug
Self Stirring Mug

Say bye to stir stick / Spoons

This coffee mug stirs itself. It makes perfect gift for any occasion. This modern coffee mug provides option to stir the drink automatically and eliminating the need to dispose of stirrers or find a place to leave coffee-dampened spoons. A fast-moving motor installed in the base spins a small mechanism, creating a whirlwind of your favorite beverage. The mug includes a lid to keep contents from spilling and to retain heat, and the lid can be placed underneath the mugs base as a coaster.

Vacuum Travel Mug
Vacuum Travel Mug

Keep your beverage Hot/Cold for Long

Enjoying a glass of hot coffee or tea while travelling can be very relaxing. This coffee mug keeps a coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature for longer. Spill proof lid helps to keep drinks safely while travelling. It is an awesome gift for those who love to drink hot coffee/cold coffee.

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